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Krista connects people more deeply to their own divinely-given original blueprint via Life Force Energy Transmissions. Her abilities have been validated scientifically and published in international, peer-reviewed professional journals.

From a young age, Krista often suffered fragile health. In her twenties, she persevered in order to dance professionally in New York, then settled for a time in New Mexico, where she studied Ayurvedic Medicine. She continued her formal education by completing her Bachelor’s Degree, double-majoring in Health and Healing Psychology and also Buddhist and Western Psychology, before going on to receive her Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy at Naropa University in 1997. Simultaneously, she also completed studies in Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Polarity Therapy, and Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy. Krista went on to assist in teaching Craniosacral classes and to work in private practice.

Despite all of the techniques, healing modalities, and practices Krista had learned, her health remained fragile and she longed for a deeper level of transformation than just her health alone. In early 2011, she experienced a Biofield Energy Transmission from Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi for the first time, and recognized immediately that something miraculous had just happened.

A lifetime of debilitating health issues began to clear. She began to sleep deeply and feel satisfied upon waking, and experienced a deeper level of connection with her Divine Source. This miraculous healing phenomenon is known as The Trivedi Effect®.

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Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is an enlightened Spiritual Master who transcends current scientific understanding with his ability to change the structure of the atom through thought intention alone. His teachings are non-religious, yet align us more closely with Nature’s governing laws, and with Truth itself. When Guruji initiated his Healing Master’s Program, Krista immediately joined and began to immerse herself in his teachings and this extraordinary Energy.

krista spiritual healer denver

A Children’s Program was introduced, and Krista enrolled her young son, who immediately flourished in his physical strength, stamina, and athletic abilities. Krista’s husband, skeptical at first, saw the positive changes in his family, and then he, too, began to participate in receiving Biofield Energy Transmissions.

The outcome of being in this Energy over time is that Krista’s family is now a more unified whole, and their relationships have deepened and strengthened even as each continues to grow in consciousness.

In 2013, under Guruji’s guidance, Krista was able to transmit Life Force Energy into both basil seeds and wine. The results were clear and obvious. The basil seeds sprouted in far more abundance than the control group, their leaves dense and glossy along a thick stem, with stronger roots and giving a much greater yield. The wine changed taste, from acidic and vinegar-like to dry, light, and smooth.

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These initial, informal experiments led to a far greater opportunity for Krista and her colleagues in the Healing Master’s Program: the chance to have their abilities tested under the full rigor of a top science research lab using the most advanced equipment available in the world today.

The scientists were amazed, for the results, again, were clear and undeniable, and validate the miraculous nature of The Trivedi Effect®. These results have been published in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals and cited in libraries and leading universities around the world. Krista is currently involved in research regarding Dysmenorrhea, bone health, heart, lung, and liver health, memory and cognitive health, as well as Vitamin D metabolism.

Krista is extremely proud and honored to be a part of this new, paradigm-shifting science called The Trivedi Effect®. She remains profoundly and forever grateful for her association with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and the Divine Grace that has continually flowed into her life since that first meeting in 2011. It has uplifted her consciousness, her health, and her family – and it has ignited and empowered her innate healing abilities to bloom and flourish.

Krista’s inspiration and mission is to now share what she has been given so that others might also experience greater health, well-being, and a higher quality of life.