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All Creatures Great and Small: Life Force Energy Healing for Pets

Many people have dogs or cats for pets. Maybe bunnies or ferrets — or even snakes.

We have 25 chickens and 7 Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Raising chickens began as an something of an impromptu experiment. My husband found 2 neglected chickens at one of his contracting jobsites, and he brought them home, chicken coop and all.

What a delight they have turned out to be! They’re such funny, gentle, irreverent little critters! And they produce the best eggs ever!



Over the years we have hatched some, lost some to foxes, raccoons, and neighborhood dogs, and struggled to make our chicken coop Fort Knox safe. Not only because we value the eggs, but because for my son these chickens aren’t just “layers.” They are pets. Pets that he raises, tends, and cares for from hatchlings to sturdy old roosters and hens with grey tail feathers. They are friends and confidants, companions and entertainers. They are family.

So when one of our little white leghorns came up sickly one morning a number of years ago, we brought her into the mudroom and made a warm nest for her with hay and some scratch and a little water dish. But for whatever reason, she just couldn’t pull through, and within two days she passed.

The® next day, her sister, our last little white leghorn, came down with the same symptoms and began to deteriorate very quickly. My son began to grieve his second lost chicken…

My husband whispered to me quietly, “Why don’t you give her a Life Force Energy Healing?”

Now up until this point, I had never done this. Never even tried. I’d been receiving Life Force Energy Transmissions regularly myself, but at the time it simply didn’t occur to me that I might be able to be a conduit that could be helpful to the chicken. However in that moment, the situation was so dire, I thought, why not at least try?

I stood near her eerily silent box. She was laying down, eyes closed, not moving — already so weak and so still…

I began the Life Force Energy Healing.

After several long moments, I turned and was about to walk away when suddenly something like a lightning bolt went through me, through my body and being and out through my heart into that little white chicken.


My eyes popped wide, but I stood and waited. Hushed and wondering. Curious and quietly reverant at the same time.

The next morning, I walked back to the mudroom, and up popped a little white chicken head over the edge of the box. Within a day, she was standing again and began to eat and drink.

We named her Angel, and within a week she was back with her flock. But she had changed. Now, though she was the smallest of our chickens, she was the fastest, and reveled in running like a grouse—head level with the ground, neck outstretched. Heavens, she was fast! Much faster than she ever had been before! And so much more spirited and hearty!

The powerful Life Force Energy that went into Angel that day and brought about her miraculous recovery is known as The Trivedi Effect®.

The Trivedi Effect® is the harnessing and transmittal of Life Force Energy for the highest health and wellbeing of the recipient, whether human or animal. Even non-living substances have been found to be altered in positive ways through receiving The Trivedi Effect®.

Scientists around the world have been surprised and amazed at the results of over 4000 experiments and over 350 peer-reviewed articles that demonstrate without doubt, the power and potency of The Trivedi Effect®.

Many people have benefitted from this incredible new science on the horizon which merges science, spirituality, and consciousness. And not just people, as this article relates. Animals, livestock, and pets also benefit tremendously. In fact, animals often respond quicker and sometimes better than humans, as they generally don’t have the same level of conditioned complexities. Like our little hen, Angel.

Since that day so long ago, I have been not only recieving Life Force Energy Healing for myself and my family with powerful healing and transformative results—I have also been offering it to my animals, for their highest health and thriving happiness.

If you’re interested in supporting your pet’s happiest, healthiest life, please visit my Programs Page and scroll down to the Immerse section: Pets Program to register.


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Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.

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    Such a joy to read your article Krista! Really enjoy the way you write with a story like flow. What a remarkable and miraculous outcome about your chicken and the love and the level of care they receive! The Life force energy truly is transformational!

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