Brain Fog and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: New Hope on the Horizon

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Brain Fog and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: New Hope on the Horizon

For those suffering with inflammatory bowel disease – either Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis – symptoms like extreme fatigue, diarrhea, and gut pain are well documented. It is only recently that the medical community has begun to recognize that brain fog, or the inability to think clearly, can also play a crucial and profoundly sabotaging role in this disease. In fact, research from 2016 clearly demonstrated the gut-brain connection when it was discovered that Crohn’s patients had slower response times in driving than drunk drivers, and that inflammation in the gut was directly reflected in inflammation in the brain.

While there is currently no definitive understanding of the underlying causes for inflammatory bowel disease, there is mounting evidence which points directly to the typical western diet of fried fast foods and trans fats, combined with a reduction in eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

As of 2015, there are 3 million people in the United States who suffer with some form of IBD, and the statistics reflect younger and younger people being diagnosed. According to the CDC, 30% of new Crohn’s diagnoses and 20% of new ulcerative colitis diagnoses are going to those who are under 20 years old. This is deeply disturbing in itself – but there is more: those who suffer any form of IBD are also more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses, various cancers, arthritis, and liver or kidney disease.

Complimentary and Alternative Healing Therapies

To date, there are a number of different Natural Therapies that may augment Traditional Western Medicine, such as:

•Body-Mind Therapies. These include Tai Chi, hypnosis, biofeedback, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and yoga, to name a few. Even prayer is considered a body-mind therapy.
•Body-Based Therapies. These include approaches like craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy, Trager Work, osteopathy, chiropractics, massage, reflexology, Rolfing, and Alexander Technique.
•Specialty Diets and Nutraceuticals. Methods in this category might include working with a naturopath or Ayurvedic practitioner to change one’s diet and lifestyle to bring relief. Herbs and supplements or vitamins may be incorporated, such as B12, D3, Iron, Probiotics, and Omega 3 fish oils.
•Energy Medicine. This includes such methods as magnet therapy, sound therapy, and light therapy.

Life Force Energy and The Trivedi Effect®

The Trivedi Effect® is a new scientific paradigm on the horizon which is comprehensive and addresses all aspects of the human being: physical mental, emotional, and spiritual. The essence of The Trivedi Effect® is ENERGY. Specifically, Life Force Energy, which can be harnessed and transmitted directly to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Distance Healing (also called Remote Healing) may sound completely unbelievable – yet there are literally thousands of rigorous scientific experiments demonstrating the truth of this incredible, natural phenomenon. It sounds miraculous because it is miraculous.

Life Force Energy is intelligent and potent – and has the ability to access our deepest areas of struggle and pain, and bring transformation, vitality, and new levels of health. This powerful Life Force Energy can heal, mitigate, and calm inflammation in our system. It can root out underlying emotional causes for illness and transform our consciousness.

Life Force Energy works at any and all levels of being according to the natural governing laws of nature to realign our health and wellbeing – from brain fog and its underlying causes to behavior, belief, and spiritual connection – Life Force Energy works to support, transform, and elevate us for our highest and best life possible.

About the Author:

Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.

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