What if I Don’t Feel Anything? How Do I Know It’s Working?

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What if I Don’t Feel Anything? How Do I Know It’s Working?

Everyone experiences this energy in their own way. Some people feel absolutely nothing at all. Some feel heat or tingling during a Transmission, or have visions of light or color. Others cry or become emotional. Whatever happens for you, just know that the importance is in the outcome. In the days and weeks following your Transmission(s), how do you feel? What is changing in your life? How do you perceive the world differently?

One way to think of this is to consider the cells in your body. Once they receive this Energy, they may begin to transform. Does that mean you will feel it right away? Maybe. Maybe not. But over time, as you receive this energy regularly, more and more cells may begin to respond and the process of transformation can pick up greater scope and momentum. After just one Transmission, your cells will have registered a change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to snap your fingers and reverse 30 years of serious disease. It is my personal experience that this Energy is a potent force of Nature – and it is also my experience that Nature has its own timing and order.

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Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.

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