How can I be assured that you can really transmit Life Force Energy?2018-06-29T05:43:23+00:00

My personal ability to transmit Life Force Energy is scientifically documented and validated, and can be viewed on my Science Page.

If I’m already healthy, will this still work for me?2018-06-29T05:44:02+00:00

Energy Transmissions unfold and enhance awareness and raise consciousness so that decisions you make and actions you take come from a higher, wider perspective, and a more deeply rooted inner knowingness. New and unexpected paths may open before you, or new associations may arise that support you or move you in new directions. Whatever your next level “up” is, even if it is not necessarily health related, receiving this Energy will support you to fulfill that potential, and then reach higher still.

How is this different from other healing modalities?2018-06-29T05:44:44+00:00

Healing and Healing Modalities often have a specific outcome in mind – to heal the body/mind of some specific ailment(s) and/or to bring greater overall physical, mental, and/or emotional harmony. While receiving this Energy is innately healing and harmony can certainly occur at all levels of our being while receiving Transmissions, there are no limits to the expansion and uplifting of consciousness.
I differ specifically from healers in other modalities in that I have been tested and validated scientifically, and have been published in respected, peer-reviewed science journals.

Will I Experience Immediate Benefits?2018-06-29T05:45:31+00:00

Each person is unique in their experience of receiving this Energy, however, there are some trends. Some benefits tend to show up early, like improved sleep and quickened growth of nails and hair. Other areas of life may take more time to unfold and transform.

What is the Difference between a Group Transmission and an Individual Transmission? Are They Equally Effective?2018-06-29T05:46:10+00:00

In group transmissions, either local or long distance, the focus tends to be more on overall happiness and well-being. In individual programs, (again either local or long distance) the Energy is more tailored and more focused on you as an individual.

Are Long Distance, Remote Transmissions as Powerful as an In-Person Transmissions?2018-06-29T05:46:53+00:00

Yes. It has been demonstrated in rigorous laboratory experiments that this Energy is Intelligent. For example, in one study, it was documented that this Life Force Energy killed brain cancer cells while at the same time improving the viability of the healthy cells present. This Intelligent Energy knows exactly what you need and to the degree to which you need it in order to bring about your highest happiness and potential. As Guruji has often said, “The Divine knows your Spirit’s address.”

Can Energy Transmissions Serve as a Substitute for my Doctors Prescription?2018-06-29T05:47:41+00:00

No. While this Energy has been known to produce miraculous healings, it is never a substitute for your doctor’s medical opinion or prescription.

How Often Should I Receive Energy Transmissions? Is There Such a Thing as getting too many?2018-06-29T05:48:55+00:00

There is no such thing as having too many Transmissions. In fact, the more you receive, the faster your life may transform.

What if I Don’t Feel Anything? How Do I Know It’s Working?2018-06-29T05:49:43+00:00

Everyone experiences this energy in their own way. Some people feel absolutely nothing at all. Some feel heat or tingling during a Transmission, or have visions of light or color. Others cry or become emotional. Whatever happens for you, just know that the importance is in the outcome. In the days and weeks following your Transmission(s), how do you feel? What is changing in your life? How do you perceive the world differently?

One way to think of this is to consider the cells in your body. Once they receive this energy, they may begin to transform. Does that mean you will feel it right away? Maybe. Maybe not. But over time, as you receive this energy regularly, more and more cells may begin to respond and the process of transformation can pick up greater scope and momentum. After just one Transmission, your cells may have registered a change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to snap your fingers and reverse 30 years of serious disease. It is my personal experience that this Energy is a potent force of Nature – and it is also my experience that Nature has its own timing and order.

What is a Healing Crisis?2018-06-29T05:50:56+00:00

In the psychological world, transformation is described as leaving a lower order of organization, then moving through a period of chaos and change before coming to rest at a higher order of organization. The process of Transforming with this energy is similar, however the Energy will support you through whatever healing process is underway. Guruji has likened it to turning on the lights after you have been in the dark for a while. At first, the light hurts your eyes until you adjust to the new level of light in the room. This is known as a healing crisis, and will resolve in a short period of time.