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Gifts – Life Force and Character

Life force and its conductivity are directly proportional to one’s level of purity, one’s level of consciousness, and the level of one’s trust in the source of creation. Life force itself flows out of a strong magnetic alignment with nature and the creative principle (by whatever name you use), and is the essence of light in one’s totality.

On the other hand, regardess of whether one’s pursuit is in the spiritual or worldly realm, relying on techniques and practices alone indicates a lack of life force, and a belief that articifical means can produce a successful outcome. I am not speaking of the discipline to hone one’s talents – I am speaking about the level of consciousness necessary to recognize the difference between technique and talent, and the ability to see where our own gifts lie. For example, you can practice singing lessons and vocal scales forever, but that does not guarantee that you can even carry a tune, much less become a successful vocalist.

But if the gift is there… If the gift for singing is there within one’s totality, it is a light shining out that attracts its own attention. People will simply gather around and ask for more, for that gift flows from a strong connection to a higher source. It has its own magnetism, its own power, its own authenticity, its own purity. Such gifts reflect an inner alignment with nature, and with source itself.

True gifts are not based upon techniques, tactics, practices, or tricks. They are Divinely given and based upon the qualities inherent in that person’s soul. Such character attributes as love, emotions, sentiments, affection, feeling, caringness, sacrifice, compassion – these qualities exist within the totality of the artist. They are not something the artist practices, they are who the artist fundamentally is. It is then the artist’s work to harness the essence of life as they understand it, and express it outward.

The question then comes, what are my gifts? And what am I harnessing in my life? Am I struggling to survive, or is The Divine flowing through my totality in a way that benefits myself and others?

These foundational character traits underlie our thoughts, our behavior, and the kind of opportunities we are able to attract and recognize. They decide the quality of our lives in every aspect, from physical and mental health to emotional health and relationships, to sexual satisfaction, to financial status. The depth of these character traits will either be reflected in all of these areas – or not. Where they are not functioning properly within us, our perception and our attention will consistently be drawn downward towards a lower common demoninator. This resonance will then insure that we will only harness what is of lower value and impure in nature. And then? Too often, we try to compensate with techniques and practices of all sorts.

Some examples of how this might show in our life:

  1. We may discover that we make the same mistake over and over again. We cannot seem to learn from our own experience because some part of us is on autopilot and we can’t seem to find the “off” switch.
  2. We may consistently choose the wrong people for friends or intimate relationships.
  3. We may find ourselves being cheated over and over again.
  4. We find ourselves telling the same traumatic story energetically (although in different circumstances) over and over again like a looping tape reel.

In trying to find the correct wrench for what we perceive the problem to be, we look outward to other people, more and different workshops, the next hot thing on the market. The mind becomes full of complexity and confusion as we add more and more techniques, more static information. The search can be an endless one, and is often fruitless as well because it lacks the necessary understanding of the compulsion driving the behavior.

We have profoundly lost touch with ourselves.

We have profoundly lost touch with nature.

It is understandable that when we are lost or struggling that we would begin to search everywhere for answers and relief. Unfortunately, all too often, we skim right over the fundamental opportunity within us as we anticipate of the next thing we want to try. In essence, we overlook our lost connection to love, to caringness, to compassion. We overlook our lost connection to nature and source itself. Instead, we enter the realm of compensating.

An artist in any field of endeavor is one who can create, and that is a huge and beautiful gift. Even more, they make it look so easy. On the surface, what we are moved by in the vocalist’s song is a purity of spirit that rides the very breath. What we don’t see behind the curtain is that singer’s ability to integrate what is profoundly complex in life into something simple. What we don’t see is the level of organization and discipline in the mind of that artist which reflects an inner alignment so powerful, their very atoms are attuned with nature’s abundant flow. We may not see the high characteristics in the song, but, oh, how powerfully their presence is transmitted and felt!

When these traits weave the fabric of our totality, their very purity will reject anything of lesser value, and we will then only harness what is genuinely useful and productive for a positive outcome in our endeavors. This is what builds a strong and unshakable foundation in life; one that will not crumble with every passing storm. When we are aligned with these high character traits, we are also aligned with nature itself, our true inner gifts and with that source which created us, from where all abundant blessings flow.

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About the Author:

Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.


  1. Kathryn Sweas October 12, 2018 at 10:50 pm - Reply

    I LOVE this article. You have touched on such deep truths so elegantly and practically. A true boon for the reader…careful…it may change you!

    • Krista Callas October 13, 2018 at 9:38 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Kathryn! I appreciate your kind words – and you’re so right about these beautiful teachings; they really can change your life!

  2. Laura Streicher October 26, 2018 at 11:52 pm - Reply

    I resonate with how you clarify that one’s gifts, honed by discipline and alignment, integrated with purity focuses their ability to harness Life Force Energy to fully express their gifts in Spirit presence.

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