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Healthy Self-Analysis and Reflection-Part 1

Today’s blog post is a transcription of an interview I did recently with Tami Patzer for Optimal Health Radio on Business Innovator’s Radio Network, and it features is a discussion we had about the importance of self analysis and reflection. Part 2 will be transcribed in a follow-up post.

Tami: Hi, everyone. This is Tammy Patzer and I’m really excited to introduce today’s guest, Krista Callas. Krista is a gifted life force energy healer who connects people more deeply to the life force inherent in nature. This powerful life force energy – this intelligent grace – uplifts and enhances health and wellbeing at every level as it addresses the root cause of issues and imbalances. Life force can bring calm where there’s stress, clarity where there is overwhelm, and the profound rejuvenation of deep sleep where there is agitated fatigue and mental restlessness. Most profoundly, life force energy can connect us more deeply to our own Divine Source. Welcome Krista.

Krista: Thank you so much, Tami. It’s great to be here.

Tami: So I talked with you a couple of times previously and we’ve talked about life force energy and the Trivedi Effect®. And today I wanted to take a little bit deeper dive into what you’re doing as a life force energy healer. And I want you to tell us a little bit more about reflection and self reflection in particular, and why is that so important, especially in today’s world?

Krista: Great question. Thank you for asking that. I do want to talk about self reflection and the importance of self reflection and self analysis, but I think where I want to start is with the question: What is a life force energy transmission? You already talked a little bit about that in your introduction, but I wanted to kind of weave together how the Trivedi Effect® and self analysis can be integrated in such a beautiful way to elevate our consciousness and to create profound transformation in our lives. So, what is it, what is a life force energy transmission? And what does it mean to be a life force energy catalyst?

It means aligning more deeply with that life force that’s inherent in Nature. And if we look across cultures and across time, most cultures have some definition or some explanation for what it is that animates matter. What is the living spirit, which imbues nature and all living things. In China it’s called Chi. In Japanese it’s Qi. And in the Ayurvedic or Indian system, it’s called Prana. Even the Oxford English dictionary has a definition of life force as that which gives something its vitality and its strength. I wanted to read a little quote actually that I wrote about life force that says:

“As water flows downhill, so does life force flow from a higher divide source that imbues us with potency, strength, vitality, and adaptability. It is efficient, always active and moving forward proactively, and is intimately tuned to the frequency of nature and the earth itself. In fact, we have only to look to nature to see that life force is organized, intelligent, endlessly creative. It’s very powerful. Life force is the invisible power that bonds, electrons, protons and neutrons and atoms. It is the thread that connects us to the physical body we’re living in and directly reflects our level of health and vitality. Our awareness in every aspect and arena of life is also a direct reflection of the level of our consciousness and the quality of our bond with nature and with our source, with the divine.”

So what I do is I connect people more deeply with that life force so that, when they receive it, they may sleep better. They may have more energy, and become more productive. There are a whole range of benefits that people have expressed as a result of receiving life force energy.

And where the self analysis piece comes in is that, when we begin to receive life force energy, all of a sudden we might start to feel better. And as we feel better, what’s happening is that this energy actually boosts our consciousness. When we get a consciousness boost, when we get raised to another level, all of a sudden our perception changes and we begin to see life differently.

If we turn that spotlight of our attention inward at this time, we may begin to perceive our self very differently as well. And this can happen in both positive – and more challenging – ways.

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We see all of a sudden that, wow, I believed this and I was behaving this way, but the outcome wasn’t helpful. It wasn’t useful to me. And we begin to have a clearer perception of what’s useful in our life and what’s not useful, what works and what doesn’t work. So gray areas begin to become more defined and clear. And so we begin to have this opportunity to make changes, to implement change for a different outcome in our lives. And as we do that, we become more aligned with that life force energy. In our culture, for most people, there’s some kind of big outer event that instigates self-reflection. Like maybe our career goes tumbling off the rails, or all of a sudden our spouse comes home one day and says, “I want a divorce.” Or maybe we’re at the doctor’s office and we get a very sobering diagnosis. These are the kinds of events that tend to instigate a deep self-reflection where suddenly we begin to look at what got us to this place. But we don’t have to wait for some kind of outer circumstance to thrust us inward unwillingly. If we take up the challenge of looking in those dark corners, we can actually align more deeply with that life force energy because it’s really all about being more and more honest with ourselves because the more honest and the more truthful we are with ourselves about who we really are and what’s really happening in our lives, and what’s really getting us to the place where we are in our lives – well – the more honest we are, the more we’re aligning with life force energy.Lifeforce and Truth are actually synonymous.

Tami: okay.

Krista: If we’re sliding past instead of looking into the mirror of life, we’re actually turning away from an incredible opportunity to connect more deeply with our own spirit and soul, an incredible opportunity to connect more deeply with the Source of all Life.

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Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.


  1. Roxanne Denault April 12, 2019 at 10:20 am - Reply

    Great interview, like the sentence ‘So gray areas begin to become more defined and clear’ to explain transformation with the life force transmission.

  2. Roxanne Denault April 13, 2019 at 8:20 am - Reply

    You described so well the effect ot the blessings “So gray areas begin to become more defined and clear. And so we begin to have this opportunity to make changes,” Thank You Krista

  3. phani yiangou April 16, 2019 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    Thankyou Krista for giving us hints about reviewing ourselves for personal development.

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