Transform with Grace

Life force is the subtle energy that infuses the natural world with vitality, potency, and strength. When we are out of alignment with the fundamental, governing laws of nature, our wellbeing suffers. We begin to “wither on the vine,” and may experience physical, mental, or emotional problems. Yet when we are connected more deeply with the powerful grace of life force energy, we begin to revitalize, and our lives begin to transform from the ground up and the inside out for better health, higher purpose, and a more profoundly satisfying life.

Krista is a gifted conduit with the ability to harness and transmit this life force energy, this intelligent grace, in order to connect you more deeply to the God of your Understanding – by whatever name or tradition. As your bond with life force deepens, health and well-being is enhanced and optimized at every level, as the root cause of issues and imbalances is addressed.

This energy can bring calm where there is stress, clarity where there is overwhelm, and the profound rejuvenation of deep sleep where there is agitated fatigue and mental restlessness. It can also detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify and heal relationships, and increase overall vitality. In fact, if you are currently taking prescribed medications, life force energy can mitigate and/or eliminate any adverse side effects.

One of the beautiful qualities of this energy is its intelligence. When the energy is transmitted to you, all you need to do is relax and receive. The energy knows innately what you need, and to what degree you need it for a higher level of balance and well-being. In fact, the energy is best received in sleep, when there is deep relaxation.

Life force energy can be received remotely or in person, individually or in groups. Further, healing and transformation may occur quickly, or it may take time to unfold in its own unique way. When we trust in the Divine Intelligence of nature’s governing laws, we align ourselves more deeply with true health and wellness at every level.

Krista currently offers three different ways for you to experience the transformative Grace of Life Force Energy Transmissions:


An Introductory Program Designed to Activate a Deeper Connection with Your Spirit

This introductory program is an opportunity for you to share your concerns, ask questions, and receive input and support. You will receive a Life Force Energy Transmission at the end of the phone call, followed by three more in your sleep on consecutive nights. This program is intended to be an entrance into deeper, ongoing immersion with the transformative power of Life Force Energy; however, it can also be used seasonally, during stressful periods or transitions in life, or whenever the need arises.

30 Minute Phone Consultation

Activate and Inspire
momentum for change!

3 Life Force Energy Transmissions

Delivered remotely in your sleep, one every night for three consecutive nights

Information Requirement:

Name, Age, Location, Photo



Immerse yourself and your loved ones with ongoing support to deepen, strengthen, and enliven

Benefits of Life Force Energy


  • Strengthens immunity and overall health

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Reduces symptoms of chronic pain and disease


  • Experience greater compassion

  • Develop deeper discernment

  • Release unhealthy relationships

Finances and Career

  • Recognize opportunity

  • Increase your capacity to generate income

  • Deepen your satisfaction with work and career


  • Strengthen and deepen your inner connection

  • Discover your life’s purpose

  • Cultivate greater alignment with nature’s wisdom


Krista’s ongoing programs offer you and your loved ones the opportunity to receive regular Life Force Energy Transmissions for greater health and well-being. Receiving this Intelligent Energy, either every day or every other day, can bring greater clarity and connection to your life purpose and facilitate a deepened and strengthened connection with the God of your Understanding. Whether you are seeking support for health issues, life stresses, inner transformation, or optimal performance – an ongoing program will support you at all levels in your life journey.

Members of individual or family programs will have access to complimentary online gatherings to build community, answer questions, and receive powerful Life Force Energy Transmissions.


Energy Transmissions

Every other day


Energy Transmissions

Every Day


Today’s pets serve as friends, confidants, and protectors – and they are often in need of support and healing, just as humans are. Life Force Energy Transmissions can offer the animals in your care a higher and happier quality of life.




This inclusive program supports your family’s ongoing upliftment and connection with The Author of All Life. Enhance your children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development, and discover deep support and inner resourcing for parental stresses and needs. This program uplifts everyone in your household for happier, more fulfilling relationships, health, and wellbeing.

Today’s pets serve as friends, confidants, and protectors – and they are often in need of support and healing, just as humans are. They are also included in this program, as they are very much a part of your family, and Life Force Energy Transmissions can offer them a higher and happier quality of life.

Members of individual or family programs will have access to complimentary online gatherings to build community, answer questions, and receive powerful Life Force Energy Transmissions.





An Ongoing Monthly Program Featuring Three Trivedi Healers

Amplify and exponentially boost your consciousness and your connection to the Source of all creation through this powerful new offering. In this dynamic and transformational membership, Krista will be joined by gifted healers Eileen Meagher and Kathryn Sweas – and all three will transmit the Life Force Energy to you either every day or every other day.

Benefits are not limited to, but may include:

  • A quickening in your abilities to connect to your original blueprint for your life’s journey.

  • Sharpened awareness and alertness to opportunities as they present.

  • Committing more deeply to your life’s purpose as a result of new understanding.

  • Increased ability to act and implement efficiently from an ever increasing consciousness.

  • Emotional Release of long standing patterns that limit your vitality, well-being, and happiness

15 Per Month

Every other day



Introducing the Trivedi Healers joining Krista in the Amplify Program

Every level of membership will have access to complimentary online gatherings in which Krista will be joined by two extraordinary, scientifically validated Trivedi Healers: Kathryn Sweas and Eileen Meagher.

Kathryn is a natural-born healer and has served successfully as a professional nurse, an inspirational teacher and facilitator and studied and worked in the fields of Holistic Health and Wellness, Mental Health, Aging Populations, Conscious Energy Healing, and Body-Mind Therapeutics. In association with other Trivedi Effect healers, she is currently enjoying her journey in service as a “disruptive innovator” offering Life Force transmissions and promoting Life Force Science. Through her association with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Science, she is devoted to establishing the reunion of Spirit and Science within a rapidly changing paradigm unfolding for the benefit of life on planet earth.

Eileen knew that her life’s purpose was to help others. Having earned a PhD in Language and Communication Theory with first honors, she taught at all levels of education as a ministry, challenging students to question not only standard information but especially their own unquestioned assumptions. Because of her native interest in the intersection of science, consciousness, and spiritual transformation, she pursued the study of alternative healing modalities. In 2011, she encountered the scientific work of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Having gratefully received his transmissions since 2011, she is now gifted to be the powerful healer she always yearned to be. She feels blessed to support his work in forging this new science for the benefit of all.

In these webinars, we will explore the following:

  • Learn more about harnessing and implementing Life Force
  • Explore deeper relationship with The Divine
  • Catalyze your transformational journey
  • Ask questions arising that can be beneficial to the group

  • Share outcomes and learnings from your experience

  • Receive a group energy transmission during the call

Daily Program Members may email me privately as needed. This is a limited availability program.


Special projects in the areas Agriculture, Livestock, and more, are available, including the opportunity to collaborate with a powerful group of scientifically validated healers.

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