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Stained Glass

I am not a religious person, but I have always been a spiritual one. That is, I have searched for The Divine outside of church, on the other side of the stained glass windows.

For much of my early life, I was on the outside looking in through a mosaic of beautiful blues, honey yellows and rich wine, wishing I could belong, wishing I “fit.” But I simply didn’t. And so I studied Buddhism, practiced Ayurveda, sang chants with the sufis, and twisted myself into yogic pretzels. Always searching. Always vaguely uneasy that the base I was trying to stand on was hollow — but not knowing anything different. Not knowing how or where or what might fill that space.

It’s such an intangible, nebulous thing, this hollow space. This emptiness in the soul that refuses to settle for anything less… than what it’s after.

Some people try to fill that hollow place with food. I’ve done that. Some try to fill it with excitement. Done that too. But it’s a temporary satisfaction, isn’t it. So short lived. It all breaks apart so easily, a thousand pieces of broken glass scattered over the floor, revealing the hollow place again, and more painfully.

The soul longs for something deeper, more primal, more real and more connected.

We are living in a time when more and more people are wanting that direct connection for themselves. That direct experience of Divinity, God, Christ-consciousness, Source Energy – whatever you want to call it. But whether one is standing on this side of the stained glass or that, the real connection within one’s own heart, mind, and spirit is the one that we long to make deeply and directly with the Living Presence, by whatever name or form or tradition.

This is the beauty of receiving Life Force Energy Transmissions, for regardless of our religious orientation, our spirit is boosted higher, closer to the Author of All Life, closer to our own original blueprint and the authentic being we are designed to be.

Life Force Energy, so potent and infused with Grace, is the medium through which we survive and thrive. It is as intimately necessary as oxygen, and as profoundly important as clean water. Quite simply, Divine Grace is our sustenance on every level of being. And it is that Living Presence which guides, fills, fulfills, and makes whole again all of our scattered, colorful pieces.

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About the Author:

Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.

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