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Swimming in Grace

The following is a recent talk I gave through Life Force International’s Summer Webinar Series:

My spiritual teacher, Mahendra Trivedi, has the miraculous ability to do something that no one else has ever done on this planet, and that is he’s demonstrated scientifically his ability to change the atom through thought intention alone. What I mean by this is that he can change the information within the atom and also the informational field around the atom. Now other spiritual leaders throughout history may have been able to do this, however Guruji is the first person to take this Energy into the arena of science and for a very powerful purpose. 

Let’s take lead for example. In one of the many materials science experiments that were completed at one of the world’s leading research institutes, lead samples were divided into two categories. One category (or one sample) was given a Life Force Energy Transmission and the other sample was not. It was the control sample. 

The outcome of this experiment led the scientists to claim that not only was the lead that received the Energy stronger and more durable, they actually went so far as to state that the change was so significant that essentially the treated lead could be regarded as a new substance on this planet.

Okay, this is lead. There’s no placebo effect here. 

This has happened in one experiment after the next. If lead can be transformed for a higher purpose and fulfill a higher potential, imagine what this Energy can do for you. 

Now, my colleagues and I are not Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. There is no one on the planet like him. However, I encourage you all to visit our Life Force International website and go to the science page. Eileen Meagher was part of a research study for anti-aging and skincare and part of her results reflected a 500% increase in skin cell growth. That’s not a small thing given that, as we age, we produce less and less new skin cells. All three of us have had the profound privilege to participate in this kind of research and all of us have had results that demonstrate the miraculous nature of what this Energy can do. 

I’d like to put this into real time and real life perspective by offering up a story from my own life: 

Before I met Mahendra Trivedi my health was not good, and I mentioned this in the first webinar when we talked a little bit about ourselves. What I didn’t say was that I was actually on my way out. I could feel at a very deep level that I was standing on a precipice and I was leaning out over it, and I was getting ready to unzip and fly away.

At that time my son was really young. He is an adopted child and I’m his third mother. I didn’t feel like I had the luxury of checking out and so I was white knuckling it like you wouldn’t believe. I was doing everything out there that I could think of. I was doing extreme juice fasts. I was doing everything and anything that I could do to try to detoxify, to try to hold on, if not for my sake, for my son’s sake. 

Two years later, after I had been receiving Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi, in a private session — actually before that, when I first met him, I asked, “What about my health?” He waffled his hand this way and that and told me, “Too soon to tell.” 

At that time, the people around me all said, “Yeah, yeah, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.”

Well, I knew what it really meant. I knew I was on that precipice. And two years later when I saw him in person again after receiving these Energy Transmissions on a daily basis, in a private session he said, “Look at your skin,” and then he lightly pinched me on the arm a little bit and he said, “Really, your skin is very different. You are a new person on this planet.”

What is that but lead being transformed for a higher purpose? It’s the same thing. 

Many years ago, a famous spiritual teacher asked his followers, “Where is God?” 

He went all around the circle asking and people answered with things like, “In my heart,” and he said, “No! Where is God?” 

He would go to the next person and the next person would say, “Well, I see God in other people’s eyes.”  

“No!” he said, and he’d go to the next person. 

“Where is God?”

“Where is God?”

 All the way around the circle. 

Finally, he looked around the group and said, “Where is God? God is within you, God is around you, above and below you, and on all sides. You are a fish swimming through God.”

We have oxygen in and around us — that’s one type of medium that supports our physicality. The informational field within the atom and the informational field around the atom are another, more fundamental medium that we’re swimming in and through. Whether you call it the unseen energetic architecture of the universe, whether you call it natural law… Who made nature? What Intelligent Source created natural law?

Fundamentally what we’re swimming in and through is Divine Grace.

The question becomes then, are we able to harness this Grace for our health, vitality, well-being, and happiness? Are we able to access and implement the gifts of this intelligent natural phenomenon flowing through and all around us all the time? 

All those years ago when Guruji told me I was a new person on this planet, I could feel it. I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but as I look back now I see that my past began to dissolve behind me, that emotional traumas dissipated and became something belonging to another era or like a distant “me” from way long ago, as if it was another lifetime. Not only did I begin to recover my physical health, instead of leaning out over that precipice I was pulled back and returned to a clearer path before me. 

In fact, I was given a new lease on life. 

This is why we talked about the importance of becoming aligned with nature. This is why we opened our webinar series talking about the essential unity of science, consciousness, and spirit. All of these things are a unified whole in the same way we take in a sunrise or the face of our sleeping child. The whole of us connects to the whole of the field in and around us in a very immediate and present way and it is all one experience, undivided. The more of this Energy we receive, the more coherent we become energetically and at every level and in every aspect of our lives; the more we become the hollow reed through which this energy can flow unhindered and unfettered by the dogmas, belief systems and traumas of the past. The more aligned we are with Divine Grace, with natural law itself, the more deeply we may connect to our own spirit and soul, that we may follow its surety and its purity, for its proper role in our lives is to guide us. 

Our spirit is our inner GPS system, so instead of us following our wandering minds and our restless hearts, it is fundamentally our own spirit we are wanting to connect with more and more deeply.


Life Force International’s next free series begins October 22nd, and includes complimentary access to the popular Candlelight Transmission Program. To experience this profound Life Force Energy yourself, register HERE.

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About the Author:

Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.

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