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Krista is very professional and very caring and concerned about her clients. After listening to my story, Krista understood I had been under pressure and stress and was in a certain stressful situation, and she expressed an interest in helping me.

After a few days, my sleep was very restful and sound, and I began experiencing the stress lifting.

By the end of a week of Trivedi Effect Energy Transmissions, I felt very calm and stress free, and I was released — de-stressed. It was truly a wonderful experience and great to get the results I had hoped for, and more, from Krista’s Energy Transmissions. I can highly recommend Krista if you are interested in de-stressing your life.

For the past two months, Krista has been doing remote Daily Transmissions via the process of Life Force Energy Healing with me. I have struggled with depression for the past ten years. That struggle intensified five years ago in my mid-fifties. The fear, anxiety, and hopelessness stem from a combination of lingering childhood traumas and current circumstances. The most challenging current circumstance is the financial hardship of living below the poverty line and feeling helpless when it comes to being able to take care of myself financially at the age of 60.

Before Krista began the Daily Transmissions, I would spiral down into a web of negativity that I couldn’t find my way out of. I would lose interest in everything I used to care about, including life itself.

What I have noticed over the past two months, with the Transmissions, is that the darkness doesn’t last as long, and doesn’t have the same hold on me. I’m able to function and come back to a place of clarity much more quickly. More recently, I seem to be feeling more inspired again. I am feeling more energized and wanting to connect more with other people again. I want to participate in life again. I also seem to be letting go of my need to try and control my external circumstances.

If you are serious about transforming your life, I highly recommend working with Krista. Her personal and professional experience enables her to have a deep understanding of your individual process.