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Under a Full Moon: The Insomnia Discussion Continues

This blog is the continuation of Under a Full Moon: Insomnia and What Can Help. It is a transcribed interview originally given last year with Tami Patzer of Blue Ocean Authority and Beyond the Bestseller. 

TP (Tami Patzer): Tell me a little bit about how do most people cope with insomnia and what are some of the treatments or things that people can do if they’re suffering from this insomnia disorder.

KC (Krista Callas): If you go to the doctor for insomnia, typically what they do is they’ll have you visit a sleep clinic where they’ll monitor you and test you. You may also get referred to a therapist as maybe there’s a major life issue going on like some kind of loss that you’re dealing with or something that you need to talk about.

There are also various relaxation training techniques. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a yoga class where at that end of the class they have you release every muscle in your body. That’s a relaxation technique where you do progressive muscle relaxation to intentionally relax every muscle.

Then there’s Stimulus Control that health professionals use to try to break unhealthy associations that we might have with the bedroom and the struggle to sleep. What they do is they advise you to limit all the bedroom activity so the bedroom is just for sleep. You don’t read a book, you don’t watch television. You only go in lay down and try to fall asleep. If sleep doesn’t come in about 20 minutes and you’re still awake, you leave the room. What they’re trying to do is create an association there that sleep = bedroom. Over time, when you go into the bedroom the desire there will be to go to sleep.

Then also there’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is basically about trying to help people uncover any kind of hidden fear or negative beliefs about sleep or quality of sleep or the vulnerability of sleep, or whatever emotional issues people might have with sleeping. The goal is to try to help people to replace those negative beliefs with a more rational positive belief system.

There are also pharmaceutical drugs which tend to have negative side effects and there’s other relaxation training techniques like meditation and different mindfulness practices like guided meditations. Valerian and melatonin… 

TP: I’ve heard of melatonin. If you watch TV at all, which you may not be someone who watches TV, but they’re always promoting melatonin now as the safe alternative and then of course there’s zzzquil which I’m not sure what that is but it’s like nyquil but it’s just for sleep. It’s so funny because I am NOT somebody who has trouble falling asleep but I will wake up like with the slightest noise or sound. I discovered one thing that would wake me up at night was a little tiny blue light that was on my — I have a strip for power and a tiny tiny little blue light that where all my cords were — and it would wake me up at night and I actually had to cover it up. Once I covered it up, I quit waking up and then also I do have a TV in my room and there’s a little button that’s kind of a white light and that would wake me up also. That just proves how sensitive we are to even a minimal amount of light but you’ve actually found that The Trivedi Effect® has been very useful for sleep.

Can you tell me more about how you discovered that The Trivedi Effect® was useful and if you could explain again exactly what The Trivedi Effect® is and how it does work for things such as getting a better night’s rest.

KC: Sure. The Trivedi Effect® is the work of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. He is a Spiritual Master who can harness and transmit the vital life force from nature and transmit it. He can harness it and transmit it to anyone anywhere in the world and he has been having this energy that he’s transmitting tested scientifically and to date he’s done over 4,000 experiments and he’s had over 350 peer-reviewed scientific publications in scientific journals — and the number of research articles and the research is still ongoing. 

This potentized life force energy raises our consciousness. It gives us more vitality. It changes and uplifts our perception so that we begin to see things differently. Those issues that we might not have noticed before are now front and center so that we can make changes in our lives for our betterment, and for our happiness.

The first time I heard about this energy was in 2011. A friend said, “I really think you’ll be interested to hear this internet radio show,” and it was on that call that Guruji gave an Energy Transmission to the people who were listening. It was really a profound experience for me. I had been suffering from insomnia since I hit midlife. I just couldn’t sleep. I would just doze for 20 minutes here and there through the night. After that first transmission, I laid down and went to sleep — and I’ll tell you, the next morning I woke up, I sat up, and I was looking around with big eyes, like Wow! Wow! because I felt refreshed for the first time in a very long time. That’s the effect that it can have.

The Energy Transmission connects us with our own natural, God-given internal blueprint. An example of that is a flower that opens with the sun and closes naturally at night. It’s how they’re designed by the creator. We’re also designed to sleep — not be working all hours of the night and then staying up later and manipulating ourself according to some mental construct. 

Have you ever seen a child sleep? Where they’re just splayed out and their weight is completely dropped because they’re so deeply resting. That’s our blueprint too. To sleep the way we did when we were children. That’s the way sleep comes naturally. Interestingly, it’s also one of the first things that begins to clear up for people with sleep issues. 

TP: It’s interesting because you’re absolutely right. I think when you were saying that about the way little children sleep, that you know, they can sleep anywhere. I mean if you think about how a baby is, they just bonk and yeah, you’re right, the body is just relaxed. If you look at an animal, an animal is like that too. They just don’t have a care in the world. That is really interesting. So now, fast forward to now from the time that you first started with The Trivedi Effect® a while back, and you’ve actually been working with Guruji and your abilities now have been scientifically validated. Do you work with people to help them with the life force energy? Can you talk a little bit about that? 

KC: Yes, thank you. I started to receive Energy Transmissions from Guruji in 2011 and I have also received Energy Transmissions from Alice Branton for a number of years, and also from Dahryn Trivedi. The more of this Energy that we receive, the more and faster it transforms us so that we are we are fulfilling a higher potential. I used to be in the healing arts and I was a practicing craniosacral and polarity therapist and I left that quite a while ago due to illness. The Trivedi Effect® has revitalized my health and it has given me a renewed passion for working with people and a deeper desire to share this energy with others — to share what I’ve been given. The longer we get this Energy and the more of it we receive, the more profound the opportunity to transform and the more it helps us to be better conduits so that we can then share this. 

For myself and my colleagues, we’ve all been receiving regular transmission since 2011 and we are beginning to work with people now because we are having our own abilities tested in the labs, and seeing the results that we’re able to achieve. We now have our own scientific papers. So, yes, I’m now offering Life Force Energy Transmissions.

TP: So if somebody wanted to get more information and work with you how could they do that?

KS: I can be reached through my website at www.kristacallas.com, where I have various programs and offerings people can choose from.

TP: And you also have your science papers available for people to take a look at on your website also? 

KS: I do, yes. They’re all listed on the website. 

TP: I think that would be really interesting to just to see because often when you talk about things like Life Force Energy or Biofield Energy or things that are a little bit different and then you say well yes, it’s scientifically validated I think that would be very interesting to find out how the science is conducted because it is very unique to have something that is in a spiritual type form or energetic form validated by science. That is something the world of science is always trying to disprove, to say it’s not real, and yet The Trivedi Effect® has more than four thousand experiments, and three hundred and fifty publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. It’s in universities — including Harvard and The National Institutes of Health — and then here you are, you’ve been working with Guruji and now you have science to back up what you do too so that makes you unique. It makes you stand out from a lot of people. I’m in the healing profession, so that’s a very interesting background that you have, Krista, so you should definitely make sure everybody knows that. 

Anything else before I let you go? It’s been really enjoyable and again how cool would it be if you could have a restful sleep! If you could get a good night’s sleep! 

KC: Absolutely! Well, there’s really hope on the horizon for people who are struggling with insomnia. This has no side effects, it has no negative effects, and it can really help. 

TP: Everybody, you can go take a look at www.kristacallas.com and you can look at the Programs Page and the Science Page to get more information, and again, Krista, thank you so much for sharing The Trivedi Effect® with us today.

KC: Thank you so much, Tami!

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