What is a Healing Crisis?

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What is a Healing Crisis?

In purely psychological terms a healing crisis – or a crisis of change – is when we go from one level of organization to another with a brief period in between where our regular, ‘business-as-usual’ operating mode begins to break apart. After a period of restructuring and reorganizing we then reach a new level of organization.

Often times this happens in a rather horizontal way. That is, we may go from one circumstance, job, or relationship to another with only superficial changes having been made.

The thing that is extraordinary about this energy and receiving life force energy transmissions is that the changes we experience aren’t only on along a horizontal axis – it’s also a vertical axis movement that we make. We literally can go from one level of consciousness to another, higher level of consciousness with a period of reorganization in between. 

For example, in a horizontal change or shift maybe you get fired from your job and then go through a period of some stress. You have to make up your resume and you have to do interviews and you’re not sure where your next paycheck is coming from and it can be stressful – and then you get a new job. That’s the new level of of reorganization. But there isn’t necessarily any shift in awareness. In insight about ourselves.

What can happen with The Trivedi Effect and with this energy in particular is that when our consciousness rises from one level to another level we’re operating in a a whole new way. And the reorganization between one level and another can feel uncomfortable. We may step out of relationship with those we no longer resonate with. We may suddenly have new insight and recognize something about ourselves we’ve never seen before, and when we take action to correct that faulty character trait in ourselves it changes everything in our world. Our beliefs may be challenged and we may need to drop them. Alternatively, we may discover new talents and gifts, new resonance with people we hardly knew before, and qualities in ourselves that we want to nurture to expand even more. This life force energy gives us the opportunity to bring more awareness to our lives and our choices. 

Life Force Energy has its own Intelligence and timing. We may think one area of our life needs to be changed first – but when we receive the energy, changes may begin somewhere else in our lives in a way that we never expected. 

Here’s the thing: our ego is not in control of this energy. Our ego cannot dictate how things should go, or what the timing and order should be… No. And thank heavens for that! One only has to look out at the natural world and the state of the environment and society itself to see what happens when the ego takes control and we follow our mind instead of our spirit! Instead of joining with nature’s wisdom, we so often think we know better, with disastrous results!

In our personal lives, this energy may move us out of one job or business and into something completely new and different – but it turns out to be a far better fit for who we are and what our talents and gifts are. It turns out to be a far better alignment because we are in far better alignment. This is both a horizonal and a vertical shift. And often (very often with this energy) the results of having gone through a transformative change will be far better than anything we could have ever planned or even imagined.

There’s nothing else out there that can literally raise our consciousness in the way The Trivedi Effect can. It’s so powerful to go through a transformation and then reflect that, wow, this is the belief system that I had back then… and look where I am now. And what a profound gift to be able to continue to move forward into the next uncharted territory!

This energy is all about — and all for — those who want to move forward and are ready to embrace change. When we do that — when we are gifted with insight about ourselves and our lives, and we make whatever necessary changes need to be made, we make ourselves eligible to rise to another level of consciousness. And then another and another as we continue to follow the upward spiral of The Trivedi Effect. This energy brings more light into our awareness, more light to our cells and physiology, and as a result of going through a temporary healing crisis or change, we become more coherent at every level. We get lighter and lighter while at the same time more and more deeply connected to our Source. More deeply aligned with who we were always designed to be, and as a result, we’re happier and more joyful. 


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Krista is a gifted healer who connects people more deeply to the Life Force inherent in Nature. This powerful Life Force Energy, this Intelligent Grace, uplifts and enhances health and well-being at every level, and can improve sleep, detoxify existing physical and emotional issues, strengthen immunity, clarify relationships, and increase overall vitality.

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